Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gear Review: Kershaw Ripcord 3200

At a recent gun show I scored a Kershaw Ripcord 3200 for 40$.  This is a OTF (out the front) slider that operates off a stud attached to the sheath.  The blade is a single edge with no serration section.  Total length of the blade stored in the holster is just over 2.5 inches.

the Ripcord is a two part system.  The knife and the kydex holster.  Inorder to open or close the blade you must use the sheath.  I will get into the operation of the knife in a min, first lets have a closer look at the individual components.

The knife's handle is aluminum with inlaid rubber grips.  There are two serrated sections on the side of the knife that provide a bit of extra grip to the thumb and forefinger.  This makes for a nice solid feel in the hand.

The sheath is a very sturdy Kydex, with a sliding clip on the back that fits perfectly around a belt, as well as inside MOLLE loops.  This last bit is a nice touch, making the knife a easy addition to any load out.

Now a quick note on the operation of the knife.  The blade slides in and out of the handle with the use of this stud on the sheath.  To remove the knife from the sheath pull straight up and at the last min pull out a fraction of a inch to remove the blade from the sheath.  To stow the blade you do the reverse.  to get a better feel for the operation I have created a video.

If you plan on wearing this knife on a belt or vest it is perfect.  However if you want a OTF slider for the pocket the reliance on the sheath makes this a poor choice.  There is also a legal concern with this knife.  Even though the opening device is attached to the blade, and is not spring assisted, I found a few incidents where police confiscated the blade claiming it was a automatic opening blade.

I intend on using this knife while in the field and attaching it to the MOLLE straps on my backpacks hip belt for easy access to a blade.  The sheath keeps a good grip on the blade, and I am not worried about it shaking loose on the trail.


  1. Brad, thanks for a great review. I like the basic design, but I'm disappointed with the blade material. Everywhere on the web it sells for about $95, which is way too much for a stainless steel blade. Now that you've had the Ripcord for some time, what is your opinion of the overall quality/edge holding ability?

    1. Over all the blade holds an edge well. You are correct, the blade is a lower quality steel, but it is thick enough that you don't have to worry about warping or bending. I currently keep this knife on my battle belt but only use it for small precise cuts. I wouldn't use this knife to pry something open.

      Keep your eyes open at gun shows, sometimes a kershaw rep will be there selling blemishes for cheap. I also scored one off of ebay a few months ago for 50$.. just keep looking!